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They contacted me three days later. Apparently I was accepted for this job. I don't know, it seems Frank is no longer with us, I don't know what to do, someone is standing near my door... I'm scared...


You will be taught the complete process of finding "LONGEYED". You will consider criminal incidents and also test yourself in the role of the one on whom the fate of many people depends...


listen, pray & choice.




  • more interactivity.
  • small plot.
  • plot twists.
  • freedom of choice.
  • no more God.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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LONGEYED PROJ chapter 2.rar 40 MB

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W Game!

Chapter 1 war schon verstörend! Aber Chapter 2 trifft den Nagel echt auf den Kopf!


Love how unsettling part 2 was! 

One of my viewers send me this game to try and scare me.

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Loved chapter 2 aswell

Loved chapter 2 aswell! Great atmosphere! Keep up the good work


Great addition to the series! I love analog horror and this got the feeling down perfectly! Will there be more chapters?

third chapter will be soon!
More details & insides in discord server.

Liked the vid :)


Loved it!!! Super creepy and just amazing!


I enjoyed this one even more than the last! I thought something would jump out of my screen xD Thanks again for being such an awesome person and game creator, Wadish!

Oh man, thats was so funny :D

I really like your vids!

Chapter 3 is coming. Stay safe, peace ;)

I'm super happy you got a laugh out of the video lol! Thank you so much for saying that and I'm glad that you like my videos! :) 

Oh snap, I'm looking forward to it! Stay safe as well!


I agree with others that this one was more fun and interesting then the last one, I liked both of the endings and the pictures were creepier too, good work :)


thank you! Great video. Next chapter will be more better :)


this was fun and much better than the first one ! i hope you enjoy the vid and dont mind my ranting but the popo where doing a really bad job :D

thank you for the vid! Thats was fun :D


How many chapters will our game end?  I want to wait until the game is finished and purchased!

Hello! After I published this chapter (2), I want to take a pause.

I'd recommend to buy any chapter that you want and play it thats how you can save the intrigue for the next chapter, and after new (last one) chapter will be released you will get -50% sale for new chapter. But thats only my recommendations.

Thats only your choice to buy or not ;)


Nice! I can't wait for a chapter 3.

Great! thank you for your vid. and yeah, you choice wrong and correct variants of picture, they have different sounds. 


Pretty good. I really like it. Much better than Chapter 1.

Keep working.